Growtion: The growth solution for ambitious businesses

Stack the odds of success in your favour

Welcome to Growtion.

Here, you’ll find all you need to know about getting your business or product ready to jump to the next level. It covers, in detail, the 15 distinct Elements across three Key Business Disciplines – Product, Marketing and Sales – that you need to have completed if your product or service is to have the best chance of success.

You might get there without a few of them – luck and timing can sometimes get you a “pass” – but the goal here is to give you the structure and foundations to make the odds of your success the highest possible.

If luck and timing then come to your aid too, all the better.

Before you dive in, I wanted to provide some mindset guidance as well. Think of your journey to this point and onwards in terms of a narrative, a story. The business, product or service that you are creating or re-creating is going to be the next critical part of that life story.

Consider its impact for a while. If your life were a novel, how would you want the upcoming few chapters to unfold? What would you want your readers to understand about your time in this venture, how you approached it, what the outcome was and how it made them feel about your efforts?

Your journey

This journey of weeks, months and years will teach you a lot. Not just about business and success – also about yourself. Your ethics, your versatility, the reservoirs of mental strength that you have to deal with heart-stopping moments of tension. There is a reason why so few people are like you. Setting up a business, launching or relaunching a product is extraordinarily tough. It requires character, skill, commitment and a resilience that others simply do not have.

Growtion is centred around providing you with the practical knowledge and understanding to execute, as well as strategise. It contains genuine examples of different high-growth businesses which can help you to understand the Element under discussion and also see how it operated in a business or department not dissimilar to yours. By following the lessons learned, as I did, you’ll find that when other businesses are hand-wringing or waiting for a lucky break, you will be the one that is doing, iterating, doing again, iterating again … Without your energy, inspiration and commitment your narrative is unlikely to come to pass.

So when times get hard and you’re starting to wonder whether it’s worth it, recall that narrative. It didn’t end there. You carried on and got through – do so. Refer back here, identify which of the 15 Elements needs attention and iterate through it.