What can Facebook do for my business?

Facebook remains the critical social media platform for budding entrepreneurs, with its broad reach and deep data on its users. It’s particularly effective for B2C communications and requires three key pieces;

  1. A discipline to post regularly
  2. Content that reflects your Product Concept
  3. Specific understanding of your audience


This, those of you that have read other pieces of work that I’ve done, is what I consider to be the key to successful business. In any field, ‘showing up’ all the time, every time, is the one thing that builds commitment and trust and gives people permission to believe in you and your product or service.

Facebook is very helpful in this, because it provides a number of shortcuts that you can use to organise your posts straightforwardly and to maximum effect. Chief amongst these is the ability to ‘schedule’ content to go out in the future. This works really well because it means that you can spend a few hours on a Monday getting everything organised for the week ahead.


Once you’ve got your Product Concept nailed – and if you haven’t yet, consider this a wrist-slap and go and do it, you’ll find all you need in the Growth Execution Podcast Episode 002! – Marketing Content becomes a breeze.

You know so much about why you’re here to solve the problem that you’re addressing, that there are multiple ways of framing your mission and helping the target to see that you’re the real deal. Think about pithy titles like “The 3 reasons [customer] has [problem]”; “What happens when [problem] becomes too large?”; “Who benefits when [problem] is solved?”

More than getting each post absolutely right is getting it absolutely done. A wise man once told me “Don’t let perfection get in the way of better” and it’s a mantra that I’ve repeated and lived by in all businesses I’ve been involved with over the last decade. You can spend forever faffing around with specific words and phrases when the audience just cares that you’re there – and you’re going to help.


Facebook’s ability to segment an audience is legendary. You will have discovered what yours is through Product Service (go on, it’s Growth Execution Podcast Episode 004 …) and, once identified, use Facebook’s inbuilt tools to focus in on the attributes that your perfect customer has. They live in Basildon? Great, select a radius of 40km around it and punch it in. They share a keen interest in hot-air ballooning? Guess what, that’s there too.

Once you have a good-sized audience selected, boosting the post to them will generate leads for you. It’s as simple as that.

So, provided that you have the discipline, content and audience understanding, there is no reason that Facebook can’t become your best source of leads. Don’t forget that you have to back it all up with a great-looking page, photos and videos that buttress your messaging and provide a clear indication that you’re not just playing at this. Nothing beats trust for building business. And, used correctly, Facebook will enable you to create more than enough of it over time to really execute on supercharging your business growth.