What happens when everything works?

There is a path to Sales Success (E15) which can feel almost mystical. Deploy the right Elements, execute on business growth and see the fruits of your labour come home.

It’s an odd feeling, one that you can miss in the maelstrom of the moment. And this is a problem in itself, the reason for this final Element – you have to recognise Success as straightforwardly as you recognise those requirements for improvement.

This is what you came for.

Now you need to rationally execute on the next stage – the stretch.

Growth – executed

The Growtion Formula exists to get you to this point. Your business’ intrinsic growth is predicated on executing on 14 core Elements that build towards a definable goal. From identifying your Product Concept, its Design, Service, Pricing and USP; through Marketing Brand, Intel, Content, Distribution and Advertising; to Sales Process, Collaboration, Goals and Activity; what you are creating is a scalable enterprise that whirls upwards and supports itself in strong foundations.

But this is not the endgame.

If anything, you’ve achieved base camp on your way up the mountain of potential that you and your business has. If it works in this environment, it can work in environments many times as large. So the aim must be to scale it up and to do so hard.

One point of clarification – and, as usual, it reflects all the way back to Product Concept (E01). If you have achieved everything that you set out to do – if you have served all of those that you sought to at the outset – then you can stop here. You started with a detailed understanding of why you were solving this particular problem. It’s possible – thought perhaps unlikely – that you’ve completed this task. If that’s true then, genuinely, congratulations. Your work here really is done.

In 99.9% of cases, however, this is just the start. You’ll have the bug – the feeling that you know what you’re doing, now, and that this knowledge has to, +has to+, be deployed to assist more and more people.

The stretch

So now your job changes, again. You’re in charge of Success and you need to push that forward. The best way I have ever seen this managed is when it’s considered to be back to zero. As when a cricketing batsman reaches 100 runs and pretends in their mind that they’re actually at zero. Goes again.

When the football team scores and then decides that they’ll play like it’s still 0-0. Goes again.

You now have a responsibility to keep pushing on. To go back over all of the Elements and ensure that they’re fine-tuned and are genuinely taking it up another level. Particularly focus in on the Marketing and Sales Disciplines, here – the tactical Elements such as Product Pricing (E04), Marketing Distribution (E09) and Sales Collaboration (E12). Sales Goals (E13) can be stretched upwards and teams encouraged to go beyond the limits that they have set themselves to date.

In all things, make sure that there is acknowledgement and celebration of the heights achieved. Then it’s back to the serious stuff – growth execution. It’s a glorious vindication of your original idea, your Product Concept.

But it can’t stop here, can it?

That would be unfair to the others that need to know …