Growtion Case Study: Callwell - Complete Lead Control

Callwell - Complete Lead Control

Callwell had been created in 2014 by Rob Wellstead, to install in his lettings business Lenwell. The problem he was looking to solve was ensuring that potential clients that emailed in enquiries were dealt with as quickly as those calling in. Simply, Callwell turns an email in to a telephone call into the office. It’s really smart.

Fast-forward two years and a handful of other agents had tried it and some kept it. Bob Scarff, a property market legend who had run its largest agent, Countrywide, for years having worked his way up from trainee, had partnered with Rob. They set up PropTech Solutions and employed Growtion to relaunch Callwell.

It was an exciting project, one that required the Product to be revamped, Marketing to be finessed and Sales to be executed upon. Everything that pulled together the strengths of the Growtion team and their network of developers, designers, media contacts and historic clients.

Quickly, we surveyed the current users of Callwell and identified a commonality between them – multi-branch, award-winning agents who invested in their brands and service. Others in this segment became our priority target market.

The Product was brilliantly redesigned by our old friends at 10Creative (see also the raterAgent Case Study) and rebuilt by tech geniuses AEXWeb to a strategic brief that reflected the research that Growtion had completed. We wanted to get this “Minimum Viable Product” (MVP) back out into the market quickly so that we could test it and iterate where necessary.

On the Marketing side, we identified early that the management of email leads was the driving force behind customers taking the service up and rebuilt the site and all its advertising around “Complete Lead Control”. The instantaneous nature of the Callwell system was another key Unique Selling Point (USP), so “Speed” and “Control” became the two keywords that we mentioned wherever we could – to the point that we even used the email to send all of our Marketing emailshots out each week.

Using the Nutshell customer relationship management (CRM) tool, alongside other Sales tools including Mailchimp and Olark, we built a pipeline quickly and converted prospects to leads then clients in a controlled and structured manner. Overall, we booked £100,000 of contracts within the first six months and the technology and business both continue to strengthen.