Whether you're looking for an instant, expert review of your brand's impact online, or a budget-bound burst of growth strategy and execution, one of our three products is for you.

Evaluation Pack

Evaluation Pack

  • Expert advice
  • Actionable insights
  • Bespoke report

For just £199, our experts will assess the key 10 areas across your product and marketing functions, as they appear to your potential customers. We'll provide 10 actionable strategies in a tailored Product Marketing Report (PMR), each of which will - at a stroke – help improve the Product concept, design, pricing, service and USP as well as your Marketing brand, data, website, social media and PR. You can't get this cost-effective expertise anywhere else.

Injection Pack

Injection Pack

  • Day-long workshop
  • Targeted preparation
  • Tailored to you

We'll facilitate a one-day seminar - with additional prep and full post-event report - devoted to injecting growth into your business. For just £999 - including an enhanced version of the Evaluation Pack's Product Marketing Report – we'll provide 15 detailed growth solutions covering the 3 Key Business Disciplines (KBDs) of Product, Sales and Marketing. You'll learn critical, direct actions that will set you up to take your business to the next level.

Acceleration Pack

Acceleration Pack

  • Dedicated advisor
  • Customised strategy
  • Growth execution

One of our growth experts will spend as long as you would like, within your budget, understanding the deep opportunities your business has. We'll help to create Product, Marketing and Sales strategies which will drive growth, then overseeing the successful execution of your plans to re/launch and beyond. Get in touch to find out how cost-effectively your business can be re-energised, re-focused and driving even harder for growth.


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